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Temporary posts: Temporary employment

In the event of personnel bottlenecks, we can provide you with qualified specialists at short notice. We recruit trained personnel for you and make them available to you for a limited period of time. It is up to you how long you want to employ the employee temporarily. We take over the recruitment, training (security) and administration of the desired personnel, so that you can concentrate fully on your core business. Our staff will also appear on request dressed in industry-specific clothing and fully equipped with their own tools.

The notice periods for temporary employment:

  • – during the first three months: 2 working days
  • – from the fourth to the sixth month: 7 days
  • – from the 7th month: one month, on the same day of the following month


We are convinced of our performance and would like to win you as a satisfied customer. For this reason we offer you a trial day (trial work) for temporary employment. If the employee does not meet your expectations on the first day, we will cover all costs and provide a replacement immediately.

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